Friday, April 29, 2011

Friday Blooms

A few blooms for you today.  This has been a very busy garden week.  I helped a friend redesign a perennial bed on Weds.  Yesterday I worked with the garden club potting up things for the upcoming plant sale.  And today I am helping a friend at her garden when the National Azalea Society comes with over 100 gardeners from all over.  I look forward to meeting everyone, including a few readers of my site.  The weather looks good and I am excited to get going.  


This is the star of the garden today, it even has a great name…. “Rock Star” Iris, it is a rebloomer too.  I have it in 2 places and I am glad I do, it is worth seeing twice!


Most of my 100 Purple Sensation Alliums are blooming.  I love that color.


Here they are at the front walk.  I need to take a wider shot.  Been so rainy.


The blue irises and bulbs are still going.  So happy to have color again.


But the clematis on the porch is a show stopper.  It does so well there are is really taking off this year.


This one is called Nelly Moser I think.


Last is my favorite combination this week…. Lupines, chives and flax.  Wish it would bloom all summer like this, but I have to settle for a few weeks in the Spring. 
Thanks so much for stopping by….

Love Brooke

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A few watered down blooms….

2011-04-25 15.21.53

Please excuse the quality of the images, it has been an awful wet mess and it’s a wonder any blooms aren’t flopped over in all this rain.  But wanted to share a few things today.  This purple/blue Salvia is on my patio table.  I love looking at this from the kitchen.

2011-04-25 15.22.40

Alta California, and heirloom iris.  This one is getting hard to find, but luckily I have one.  It is a good parent plant the breeders say, it has many famous offspring.

2011-04-25 15.23.45

Ruffled Goddess… a newer hybrid.  It is a very bright lavender/blue.  Very pleased with this one, may have to move it to a better spot so it can be seen easier.  It is at the back of the butterfly hill.

2011-04-25 15.24.05

Old fashioned hearty geranium is just started to open up.

2011-04-25 15.26.18

I have these tucked in several places, I love them.  I have several that rebloom, but this one doesn’t.

2011-04-25 15.27.42

My first clematis blooms of the season.  This is “Snow Queen” and she is an early bloomer.  It was very overcast when I took this pic, she is a bright white with dark red/purplish centers.

Thanks so much for stopping by!

Love Brooke

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Feeling Blue?

2011-04-25 15.22.17

In-between the rain yesterday I snuck out to take a few pics of what’s blooming.  You can’t help but notice a theme….  BLUE!

2011-04-25 15.24.20

The May-night Salvias are putting on a show this week.

2011-04-25 15.22.59

And my favorite blue flax and Texas Bluebonnets or Lupine are just opening up.

2011-04-25 15.23.03

I grew these from seed.  I keep loosing my pink lupines, but the blue do very well here.

2011-04-25 15.24.43

Irises and bulbs are so pretty up the front walk.

2011-04-25 15.26.38

It seems we wait so long for them to bloom then they all go at once!

(Sorry my pics are a bit fuzzy, used the camera phone.)

Love Brooke

Monday, April 25, 2011

Rose Garden Update…


About this time last year I started a new area that I called the “Kitchen Garden”.  Last year I grew several annuals and some veggies there.


The left side was a wild, country mess of zinnias and cosmos.  The right side was tomatoes that did horrible last year and was a mess.  I liked the flowers, but by late summer it was a mess.  I wanted something new.


So I started ordering roses early this year.  Most of these are brand new, a few were transplanted in Mid-March.  So they have been here for less than 2 months.  There are 8 roses in each bed so far.  I will be adding 2 more climbers to each as soon as I get my obelisks made.  I have left room for them in the center of each bed.


So lets take a tour.  There are over 25 roses in this area.  7 are on the outside fencing that have been there since last summer.


This is my largest one and it is full of buds.  It will be exciting to see what it is.  This was a rose I rescued from an home that wanted them removed.  I love to save roses.  The pink buds is a penstemon.


The old fashioned single pink hollyhocks are really lush and happy here.  I think they will get quite high and go most of the way up the wall this summer.


My rooted cuttings of evergreen are in the tub, most all  have new leaves.  It is Manhattan euonymus which can get wild, but I like its larger leaves and year round interest.  I have had really good luck starting it and boxwoods this spring down here.


So what else do I have?  White and regular lavender, I love them and cannot plant enough.  Magic Fountains Delphiniums.  Daffodils, Glads, crocus… there is also two nice peony tubers that I got at the garden show tucked in each of them.


Kristie Veronica that I really like so far, it is new.  Hope it takes off like a groundcover.


And Strawberry Dianthus what smells wonderful.


And the bright pink blooms are Ranunculus I planted in bloom.  They are so pretty right now, have never really grew these, but I could not resist this color.


Along the inside of the fence I divided white daylilies and all kinds of hybrid irises.  The irises are starting to bloom and fill out.  Under them is all sorts of reseeding annuals and a few perennials like columbine, foxglove, penstemon, money plant is the big leafed one you see.  Lots of larkspur, alyssum and poppy.


There is no mulch on this side and in a few days you’ll never know it.  You know with some seeds if you cover them up…. you don’t get them.  I really look forward to all these blooms.


Here is the garden from above as you look down from our deck.  I enjoy how you can see this area from so many places.  I can look down from the family room right over the roses.  Just as soon as they start opening up, you can be sure I will share pics.  Right now there are two Miss Kim lilacs blooming there making it smell wonderful. 

We have been having horrible flooding and storms.  Last week we had shingles blown off the house.  No plant damage, but a few broken knick-nacks. I love spring, but hate the severe weather.  I need to weed so badly, but it says rain every day till the weekend.  I go out and slosh around.  I have some clematis and irises blooming I want to take pics of today.

Thanks so much for stopping by!

Love Brooke

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Purple is the color for me…


I couldn’t wait to show you my Sensation Lilac!  This is one I bought as a shrub and have trained it into a tree.  It was hard to cut it down to one twig…. but look at it now.


It’s almost 5 ft tall and nicely branched.  It looks so pretty by the fence and you can see it from the house.


This is the first bloom for me.  It really is as pretty as they said it would be.  White around every flower.  Just love it and it smells good too!


But today we are talking about one of my very favorite colors to use in the garden.


Purple… and blues… they are so vivid in a sea of green.


What’s not to love?  It is so interesting to see this bed with just this color, in a few weeks it will be full of so many things blooming.  But for right now…. it is very soothing.


I think I see a bit of blue here… and I love blue flowers.



I am so happy I planted so many bulbs, and that they will come back!



Check out this oxford blue veronica groundcover…. how cute is it?  I found it last year and it didn’t do much for me all summer, but it is beautiful right now.


But I can’t leave out my beloved pinks!


Especially the first pink iris of the year to bloom….. this one was from a gardening friend…. I have no idea the name.  Do you?  Let me know.  It’s beautiful!

I kept walking down to this area to watch it open…. the joys of Spring in a garden.

God Bless….Brooke

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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

My Easter Garden…



Now don’t be looking for any bunnies…. although there are a few scattered around the place…


I just thought I would share with you how things will be looking for the big egg hunt this weekend.


As you can see things are lush and getting fuller by the day.  My alliums are almost ready to open.  I have them everywhere now… over 100 bulbs.


The hosta and daylily by the driveway are showing up nicely.  This has turned out to be a really nice bed.  It was kind of an afterthought, but  it looks nice as you drive in.


Speaking of, this is our driveway plantings.  This bed needs more mulch, but everything made it!  It has been a stormy windy spring. 


And the wildflower bed is out of control, but I love it that way.  I am amazed how this has filled in… it is 2 years old this spring.



Coming down from the deck…. purple and deep wine is so pretty this week here.  This is one of my favorite areas right now.  I have been working on this bed.


See those gaps?  I’m gonna fill them soon.  I have been extending my borders.


Looking toward the butterfly garden.  The hill behind is it really pretty this time of year.


May things here will be blooming any day. 


And the front walk has some lovely purple blooms.  I am so happy the irises have started.  Let the show begin!


Does this look like the Easter Bunny to you?  He’s the closest thing I have…. I can’t be taking any pictures without two cats following me around.  I think he likes the plants being back as much as I do!

I have more to show, but incase things get crazy here….. Happy Easter Everyone!



PS>>>>  I changed my background again.  My last on said “Can’t wait till Spring” 

This one looks a bit fall, but I liked the graphic… so I may keep it for awhile!