Monday, November 9, 2009

Evergreens In Containers…

Picture 155

As I blogged a few weeks ago ….I hit the garden center clearance sales hard this fall.

Picture 154

And our deck received several of my finds…in evergreens.

Picture 153

It is just off the kitchen and with the French doors…very visible from several rooms.

Picture 157

So when things die back, it is sad not to see anything out there in the winter months.

Picture 156

So this year it will be  nice to see pretty green leaves.

Picture 159

Maybe I’ll be able to fool myself and think the rest of the garden still looks good too!

Out here I have 5 Inkberry Hollys….and 4 boxwoods in planters on the deck.

Shamrock Hollys are new to me… far I really like them.

Here is a bigger picture and info.


Ilex glabra 'Shamrock' (Inkberry)  •  Zone 5

A standout with bright, glossy, dark evergreen foliage in a compact, upright to rounded form that holds its shape very well. Interesting tiny black fruits are visible in intimate settings, making 'Shamrock' perfect for a lovely, understated mass planting.

Great For: 

Foundation plantings

Perennial and shrub borders

Height: 3-5'   Width: 3-5'    Shape: Ovoid, Upright

Fall Color: Green

Winter Interest: Structure

Best of all….they were gallon sized plants and I bought them for $4.00 each!

I have no idea how they will do with our Indiana winters, but I am prepared to move them into the garage if we get ice storms or hard snows.

So, how do your evergreens do in containers….any tips are appreciated.

Happy Gardening….Brooke

Monday, November 2, 2009

I made it till November!….

Picture 103

Here it is the first day of November in my zone 6 Southern Indiana garden….and I still have a few blooms!

(Hearty Mum)

Picture 099

All be it they are few and far between…but I’ll take them! 


Picture 096

If you have been reading my blog from this spring, you know I was obsessed with white flowers….and they have really done well this year!  This is an annual candytuft that reseeded and rebloomed late this fall… is popping up everywhere, but that is great, I really like it.

Picture 097

It has the same looking foliage as perennial candytuft, but I wonder if it is evergreen….probably not…but it is pretty.

Picture 106

My sweet alyssum and white yarrow still have a bunch of blooms…and they smell really good….they seem to like the cooler weather.  This is all from seed too, and has been pretty all summer.

Picture 105

The moss verbena is still putting on a good show.  It is another reseeding annual, that seems to be the key…..put a few annual seeds around for blooms all summer…and into fall.  You can see the seed formation here, I am hoping it comes back good next spring.

Picture 100

I have a few wildflowers still out by the road….I have more seed but am trying to decide to plant it now….or in March like I did this year.  They have done really well and should fill in more next spring…there is perennial seeds in the mix and I had lots of green this year….so hopefully blooms next summer.

(Indian Blanket Flower)

Picture 089

This is what really surprises me….Purple Coneflowers in November!  I think it is because they we’re from seed I planted late spring…but they are so pretty.  I can see them from the house….but they are fading fast and we have had some hard frosts.

Picture 095

The roses are still going….they are loosing the leaves….but still making buds!

Picture 098

They have a bunch of brown in them….but they look good from the road….

(The Fairy Rose)

Picture 109

These have bloomed non-stop….I have a “happy place” for them I guess.  I really love them with the purple/blue  perennials at their feet.

(Countrytime Rose)

Picture 110

Isn’t this the brightest blue?  It is from seed too…. it is salvia farinacea or mealy blue sage.


So I am guessing this will be it for the blooms this year.  I am actually a bit shocked they lasted this long.  I knew the roses did well in colder weather, but the annuals surprised me.  I have added 8 hearty mums this year, after seeing so may areas with nothing going on in the fall…. it is an obsession I tell ya!

So I say to my garden blooms…..

Goodbyes are not forever.
Goodbyes are not the end.
They simply mean I'll miss you
Until we meet again!
~Author Unknown

Happy Gardening Everyone!